sensors in the sky

Drones are awesome. We agree. Providing stunning new angles and completely reimagining what is possible in visual imagery, they have given us the opportunity to not only establish new business models, but also to tell stories and create art in new ways. From never-before-possible low-altitude aerial angles to the most cost-effective and efficient mapping, monitoring, and surveying capabilities in history - the time is now.

It’s not every day that creativity is transformed by technology

Created by filmmaker and FAA Certified Pilot Justin Thomas Ostensen, Shotwell brings over 20 years of Hollywood cinematography experience to the field, applying the professional standards of technique and craft gained over decades of on-set application. Shotwell was honored as one of the first companies in the USA to be granted an FAA Section 333 Exemption and Part 107 License, allowing for completely legal commercial drone operations. 

In the entertainment field, Shotwell Media has been the trusted creative partner on myriad feature films, television series, commercials, and large-format IMAX documentaries around the world. In various other sectors like agriculture, inspection, construction, and real-estate, Shotwell continues to push the boundaries of drone capabilities by employing the latest aerial advances in everything from VR to long-range mapping and 3D modeling.

Shotwell Media believes that the same rigorous approach to ethics, maintenance, and safety found in manned avionics should be applied to unmanned aerial vehicles, allowing for maximum creative freedom and a secure flight every time.

The sky is our canvas. Let's go.



  • FAA approved company Section 333 Exemption and Part 107

  • Fully insured gear and crew

  • Expert FAA licensed pilots and flight technicians

  • Travel ready packages - anywhere, anytime